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Factors to be considered in the selection of stainless steel bearings
Stainless steel bearings have so many advantages, not only because of their strict manufacturing process and precision, but also because of the excellent materials used. Then, when making stainless steel bearings, what factors should be considered for material selection?
In general, when selecting materials, it is mainly combined with the conditions and usage of the working environment in which the stainless steel bearings are located. If stainless steel is selected in a corrosive environment, in addition to a detailed understanding of the specific conditions of use of stainless steel, the main factors to consider are: corrosion resistance, strength, toughness and physical properties of stainless steel, processing, formability, resources , price and convenience of materials.
So, what is the corrosion resistance of stainless steel bearings? The so-called corrosion resistance mainly refers to the properties of corrosion resistance, such as rust resistance and acid resistance, alkali and salt, and resistance to oxidation, vulcanization, chlorination and fluorination at high temperatures. It should be known that the working environment of the bearing is different. The material is mainly used to solve various corrosion problems encountered in actual engineering. For this reason, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel in the corrosive environment is the first consideration for the material selection personnel.
Of course, for stainless steel bearings, the corrosion resistance is relative and there are certain conditions. We often say that the stainless steel rust and corrosion resistance refers to conditions such as environmental media, concentration, temperature, impurities, pressure, flow rate, etc., under certain conditions, relative to rust and corrosion resistance. .
In addition, in order to ensure the performance of the stainless steel bearing, it is necessary to consider not only its general corrosion resistance but also its local corrosion resistance. For example, when stainless steel bearings are used in some aqueous media and chemical media, the latter needs more attention.
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