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【Integrity, cooperation, innovation and excellence】
Integrity: win trust from customers; Trust employees; Trust the society.
Cooperation: extensive foreign cooperation, resource sharing and mutual benefit;
Strengthen team building internally and fully communicate, coordinate and cooperate.
Innovation: sensing changes, acting quickly, daring to try and adjusting in time.
Excellence: Pursue "excellence, efficiency and value added". Provide professional technology, excellent products and sincere services;
Ensure high efficiency, high efficiency and high effect; Realize customer value added, enterprise value added and employee value added.

【Professionalism, trust, supervision, development】
Profession: dedicated to their own duties and strive for perfection.
Trust: Employ talents based on merit and dare to employ new people.
Supervision: clear responsibilities, mutual cooperation, two-way feedback, and obedience to the overall situation.
Development: keep forging ahead, manage dynamically, and maintain a flexible and effective employment mechanism.
Open and aboveboard, all problems can be solved in a practical and positive way.
Diligent and dedicated, not a time thief in the workplace.

Be fair and do not take advantage of your work for personal gain.
Strictly keep secrets and do not disclose all commercially valuable information and materials of the company.
Serious and responsible, with a strong sense of responsibility, not perfunctory.
Diligence and thrift, a strong sense of efficiency, not extravagance and waste.
Abide by disciplines and laws, obey leaders, unite colleagues, and be a popular person.
Go to work on time and not be absent at will. Pay attention to appearance and dress neatly.
Wear uniforms and badges. Friendly and prompt.

Speak politely and behave politely. Pay attention to hygiene and safety.
Act quickly without procrastination. Concentrate, don't give up halfway.
Apply first, then implement, and do not resist intentionally.
Communicate more, coordinate more, and don't go it alone.


Professional commitment to stainless steel bearings - low noise, high precision, high temperature resistance, long life